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Book Design, Book Binding, 2022

A requisite for graphic design major’s projects is the creation of a process book. After having finished the type portion of the project, I decided that the process book would be an ideal mode of displaying the type work. 

Early in the planning stages of the book, I found a stone. This stone was striated with light and deep tones of green, tall and narrow with a one edge flattened smooth. Stones had been imagery that I was playing with, and so in response to this object I decided that this stone would be the spine of my process book.

This was a considerable challenge to jump into, as it a book to fit this stone would require at least 570 pages. This page goal greatly influenced the design choices and content within the book. Large, monotone images, narrative type, and systemic formating are all strategies that came from this problem. 

After completing the book, printing it, and binding it, I found that the initial idea of binding the book to the stone no longer made sense. The stone became a visual motif for the project, appearing in the book and later in the exhibition.

The book contains nine sections, each marked by a tab along the fore edge, comprising of an introduction, my thesis essay, the process of the project, an instructional on how to write Gätuhil, the rules to the writing system, playful legibility tests, and three glyph indices for all the designed letterforms.

Gätuhil: An Unfinished Project was printed in May, 2022
Edition of 2
8” by 8.5”
Bound by hand
Printed on French Paper’s Dur-O-Tone T70 Aged Newsprint
Set in Objectiv MK3 by Dalton Maag and Gätuhil Sans by Anderson Eklund
Thanks to Charles Melcher for help binding
Thanks to Margo Halverson for help designing

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