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Exhibition Design, Wall Vinyl, Risograph, Wheatpaste

With a completed typeface and book, the last element to the thesis would be the exhibition. Set in a narrow hallway and surrounded by other’s projects, this exhibition was designed to be simple and bold, inviting viewers to investigate further.

Boldness was achieved with a title made of black wall vinyl, measuring 11’x3’. The centerpiece of the exhibition was a copy of the book. The book was the ideal method of communicating the project, offering the viewer all the information they could want while not overwhelming them. 

In addition to the book, a takeaway folio was made. This folio was Risograph printed on newsprint in an edition of 100. Before printing, each sheet of newsprint was layed out in grids, weighed down with stones, and spray painted with words in Gätuhil. With this, every folio was unique on the cover. 

In addition to the exhibition, I wanted to add a fun addition to the project. I decided to design a poster to be wheat pasted in public. The poster measured 14’x4’ and featured the word Kwot in Gätuhil. I wheat pasted it along the graffiti wall along the Eastern Promenade on May 8th. It was completely covered by May 16th
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