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Words Matter

Risograph, Exhibition, 2021

Two Risographed brochures, each printed in an edition of 100, and exhibited in the Words Matter exhibition for Maine College of Art & Design’s Resilience Week. Coexhibitors were Ali Davis, Aressa Goodrich, Caroline Kouba, Trey Jones, & Sophie Roberts.

The Gypped brochure looked to communicate the problematic origins of the term Gypped and Gypsy to an American audience that is notably uneducated on the topic.

The brochure titled Mmhmm and Other Words of African Origin took a lighter approach to the prompt. This brochure highlighted English words that have etymological roots in African languages. Given the limited format of the brochure, it focuses on single words instead of the greater grammatical and linguistic impact Africans and African Americans have had on the English language. 
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