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BFA Thesis Project, Maine College of Art & Design, 2022

Gätuhil or Talking to No One in Particular: Design & Language was inspired by a recent fascination with linguistics and the challenge of learning type design. The project involved creating a language, making a writing system for that language, and translating the writing into a typeface. After the typeface was complete, I made a book and exhibition to show the work. 

In many ways, this project was defined by what I didn’t know. I had never attempted to invent a language (or conlang as some call it), I had no experience in type design, and I had no idea how it would turn out. The goal of the project was not a finished product, but instead was to go through a process that would enrich my understanding of type. By working with forms other than those of the familiar Latin Alphabet, I endeavored to understand type on a more fundamental level.

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